A Hybrid Course of Conversation Skills

تکنیکهای مکالمه و مصاحبه، 03

Talking about likes & dislikes

>>> I’m involved in a reading group at my university and every so often we get together and discuss the latest books we’ve read over dinner- it’s so stimulating to talk and hear different views about the books we’ve all read.



All have the same meaning

I love / I like / I adore / …

I’m quite into playing tennis
I’m a big fan of guitar music
I’m really keen on going to eat in Thai restaurants.
I’m very interested in law.

Reorder each sentence

1. quite/on/detective/into/stories/I’m/ TV/ watching
2. of/fan/comedies/huge/a/ romantic/ she’s
3. interested/I’m/latest/in/ fashions/ extremely/ the
4. very/dancing/he’s/with/at/clubs/on /friends/ keen

I’m quite into + activity/ hobby
I’m quite into playing tennis- I get very excited about it.
I’m a big fan of + activity/hobby
I’m a big fan of guitar music -I often go to concerts.
I’m keen on + activity/ hobby
I’m really keen on going to eat in Thai restaurants. I love Thai food.
I’m interested in + activity/ hobby
I’m very interested in law, I’m always reading about the latest laws and legal cases.

1. I’m quite into watching detective stories on TV.
2. She’s a huge fan of romantic comedies.
3. I’m extremely interested in the latest fashions.
4. He’s very keen on dancing at clubs with friends

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