Listening Course
Listening section 1

Session 01

Listening Skills

Practice 01

Exercise 02

Listen to some words being spelt out and write down what you here:

  1. Manager: Sarah .....
  2. Email:
  3. Meeting point: .... school sports field.
  4. Hotel name: ....
  5. Address: 112, .... Terrace
  6. Company: .... Movers
Exercise 03

Listen and write the numbers you hear:

  1. Customer cell phone: ......
  2. Distance of race:..... miles
  3. A one-way ticket is: ..........
  4. Home address: ......Bayside road
  5. Width of window frame: ..... inches
  6. Booking reference: .......
Exercise 04

Listen and write the times or dates you hear.

  1. Arrival date: ......
  2. Class schedule:.... to 6:30 p.m.
  3. Date of last inspection: .... ,2018
  4. Best time to visit: .....
  5. The courses finishes on: .....
  6. Delivery date: ......
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پاسخنامه ی کلیدی

Exercise 02


Exercise 02
1 027 9901 3436
2 13
3 £237
4 114
5 310
6 AXJ0577120.

Exercise 02
1 August 3rd/ 3rd August / 3 August/ August 3
2 5.15
3 May 18th
4 autumn
5 July 27th / 27th July/ 27 July/ July 27
6 February 8th/ 8th February / 8 February/ February 8

گفتار نوشت: همزمان با خواندن این صفحه، یکبار دیگر فایل را گوش کنید

Exercise 02
1 Woman: So, let me just give you the manager’s name. It’s Sarah Peterson.
That’s P–E–T–E-R-S-O-N. OK?
2 Man: You can contact me at my email address. I’ll spell it out for you. It’s Y-O- S-H-I-Y-U-K-I and that’s at
3 Woman: So, the meeting point for the race will be at the sports field at Awanui School. The spelling for that is A-W-A-N-U-I.
4 Man: But the hotel I’d recommend is called the Fairview; that’s F-A-I-R-V-I-E-W. It’s got great facilities.
5 Woman: The address for delivery is 112 Bartholomew Terrace. That’s B-A-R-T-H-O-L-O-M-E-W. All right?
6 Man: The company’s called Delaney Movers. Let me just spell that for you. It’s D-E-L-A-N-E-Y

Exercise 03
1 Man: Let me give you my cell phone number. It’s 027 9901 3436.
2 Woman: The race is a bit longer this year. It’s now 13 miles, which is the distance for half a marathon.
3 Man: So if you choose just to buy a one-way ticket, the cost there would be £237.
4 Woman: Let me give you our home address. It’s 114, Bayside Road.
5 Man: I’ve measured the window frame, and the width was 240 inches across. Oh hang on, that’s the height. It should be 310 inches.
Woman: Your booking reference is actually a mix of letters and numbers. It’s AXJ0577120

Exercise 04
1 Man: He’ll be arriving on the third of August.
2 Woman: So the classes are in the evening, from 5.15 until 6.30.
3 Man: And the last time the building was inspected was May 18th, in 2018.
4 Woman: If you’re planning to travel to Queenstown, I’d suggest you go in autumn. The countryside is so beautiful.
5 Man: The course starts on March the 18th and runs until July the 27th.
6 Woman: And the date for delivery, let me see, it would have to be on the 8th of February.

اگر برای بار اول است که متن را میشنوید، پاسخهای خود را در این فرم وارد کنید و ارسال کنید

Mock Test

Exam 01

Section 1 - Part 1
  • Email ....(1)....
  • Nationality: (2) ....
  • Reference (professional) Name: John Keen Job: manager of...(3)....
  • Reference (personal) Name: Eileen Dorsini Job:...(4)...
  • Special qualifications current:... (5)... certificate
  • certificate of competence in ...(6)...
Section 1 - Part 2
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Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.

پاسخنامه ی کلیدی

Part 01

 1 edwinari
2 Newzelander
3 play center
4 profesor
5 first aids
6 sailing

Part 02
7 sports

8 twin/ two
9 Scotland
10 cook

گفتار نوشت: همزمان با خواندن این صفحه، یکبار دیگر فایل را گوش کنید

live: Hello, Edwina, is it? Have a seat.
Edwina: Yes, Edwina. Thanks. I’m looking for a job as a nanny. I like working with children. I talked to you yesterday?
Clive: Oh, yes. Well, we covered most of the ground on the phone yesterday. I’ve got a form I need to complete for my records. So, you’re Edwina Riley, and how should we contact you?
Edwina: By email.I check it regularly.
Clive: What’s the address?
Edwina: (1) It’s Edwina like my name then R-l, the first two letters of my surname, at worldnet dot com.
Clive: E-D-W-l-N-A-R-l at worldnet dot com?
Edwina: Yes.
Clive: Good. And you’re from Australia?
Edwina: (2) Actually, I’m a New Zealander.
Clive: Oh, I’m sorry. I bet it’s really irritating being told you’re an Australian. Like Canadians being asked what part of the States they’re from.
Edwina: I’m used to it. It happens to us all the time.
Clive: And now, you said on the phone that you could bring me some references? One from someone who’s known you in a professional capacity and one personal one?
Edwina: Ah, yeah. Here’s one from (3) John Keen, who was the manager at the play centre in Wellington where I worked for three years after I left school. It’s got all his contact details on.
Clive: Thank you. So this was your last employer?
Edwina: Yes, apart from a bit of waitressing recently, but that was just temporary. I’m sure John will answer any questions if you contact him.
Clive: We do run checks, yes. And a personal reference?
Edwina: Ah, you can contact the friend of my mother’s I’m staying with here in London: (4) Eileen Dorsini. She’s a professor. She’s known me all my life because she used to be our neighbour back home when she was a primary school teacher there. Now she’s working here at the Institute of Education.
Clive: Oh good! Edwina: I’ve got her contact details here for you.
Clive: Thanks. I think I have some jobs to suit you. Oh, do you have any practical qualifications, by the way? Life-saving, music,
Edwina: Um, (5) I’ve got an up-to-date first aid certificate. I did a course when I was working.
Clive: That’s good. First aid. Anything else?
Edwina: Well, I’ve got a driving licence, as I told you on the phone.
But that’s not special, you said, almost everyone needs that really. (6) I’ve got a sailing qualification, it’s a certificate of competence.
Clive: So you’re a yachtswoman?
Edwina: I love sailing.
Clive: Well, I’ll note you have a certificate. Hmm. Before you hear the rest of the conversation, you have some time to look at questions 7 to 10.
Clive: Now, as I mentioned yesterday, there are three families and the job description is much the same for all of them, as I explained. There are a few other things you need to know. Anyway, the first family’s here in London.
Edwina: Yes, I did make a few notes. London, er, that’s the Bentons? With two children?
Clive: Yes. That’s right, a girl of three and her brother who’s eight. The little boy has a quite serious food allergy. Did you learn about things like that on your course?
Edwina: Oh, well, I know what to do if someone has an allergic reaction.
Clive: Good, but (7) what they mainly want is someone with an interest in sport, as that’s the kind of family they are.
Edwina: Oh that’s OK. I’ll enjoy that.
Clive: Good. Now the next people are in the country, near Oxford.
Edwina: Oh yeah, the Grangers?
Clive: So, (8) they have twin boys of five, who are a bit of a handful, I suspect, but it’s a lovely place, quite a grand house, and the family is extremely welcoming. They keep horses. Do you ride?
Edwina: I did when I was younger. I like animals generally.
Clive: Well, ‘animal-lover’ was their special request, so you’d be fine there. The last family …
Edwina: Yes?
Clive: I don’t think I told you (9) they live in Scotland.
Edwina: Really? What’s their name?
Clive: Campbell.
Edwina: Oh, yes. And they have four girls under ten?
Clive: That’s it. They have a lovely city fiat, and they own a small island.
Edwina: Wow!
Clive: Actually, you might get on with them very well. (10) They particularly wanted someone who would be prepared to cook when they go camping on the island.

اگر برای بار اول است که متن را میشنوید، پاسخهای خود را در این فرم وارد کنید و ارسال کنید

برای مشاهده ی فرم باید:

Mock Test

Exam 02

Section 1 - Part 1

Midbury Drama Club

• prize recently won by ....1... section

• usually performs ...2... plays

Meetings • next auditions will be on Tuesday, ....3...

• help is needed with ....4... and ....

• rehearsals take place in the ....5... hall

• nearest car park for rehearsals is in Ashburton Road opposite the .... 6...

Section 1 - Part 2


• annual membership fee is ...7... £.

• extra payment for ...8...


• secretary’s name is Sarah ...9...

• secretary’s phone number is ...10...

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پاسخنامه ی کلیدی

 LISTENING SECTION 1 Questions 1-10

1- youth

2- comedy Distraction The woman has appeared in musicals but the drama club hasn’t tried doing one yet. She also mentions ‘a historical play’ but the man doesn’t mention the club performing these.

3- 12th March / March 12th 1 12 March I March 12 Distraction There are auditions on two dates in March but the next ones are on the 12th.

4 – publicity / design / lights (in any order) [We’re very short of people / we haven’t got enough people = help is needed.]

5- community Distraction Performances take place in The Manor Theatre.

6- sports centre [on the other side of the road = opposite] Distraction The car park is just before the hotel but not opposite it.

7- 180 Distraction It costs £15 per month.

8- costumes /costume hire Distraction Photocopying and posters are included.

9- Sawdicott

10- 07955 240063

گفتار نوشت: همزمان با خواندن این صفحه، یکبار دیگر فایل را گوش کنید

Man: Hello. Robert Gladwell speaking. Woman: Oh hi. My name’s Chloe Martin. I was given your name and phone number by Ben Winters. I work with him and he said you’re a member of Midbury Drama Club. Man: Yes, I am. Woman: Well, I’ve just moved to the area and I’m keen to join a drama club. Man: Great! Yes, I can give you some information. We’re one of the oldest drama clubs in the area as (Example) the club started in 1957. We now have about 60 members. Our youngest member is ten and our oldest member is 78. The year the drama club started was 1957, so ‘1957’ has been written in the space. Now we shall begin. You should answer the questions as you listen because you will not hear the recording a second time. Listen carefully and answer questions 1 to 6. Woman: I think I saw a picture in the newspaper the other day of some of your members being presented with a prize. Man: Yes, (1) the youth section did very well in a competition and won £100 which will help with their next production. Anyway, tell me a bit more about yourself. Woman: Well, I’ve done a bit of acting. I was in a couple of musicals when I was at university and a historical play more recently. Man: (2) Mm … we mainly do comedy plays. We get good audiences for that kind of thing. We haven’t attempted a musical yet, but we might do one soon. Woman: Oh! When do you usually meet? Man: On Tuesdays. Woman: Presumably I’ll need to do an audition? Man: Yes, there were a few auditions last Tuesday and we’ll be doing more at our next meeting which is in two weeks’ time, (3) that’s on Tuesday the 12th of March. There’ll be another opportunity two weeks after that which will be on the 26th of March. Woman: Oh, well I can come to your next meeting. And if I don’t get an acting part in a play, I’d be happy to help with something else. (4) I’ve designed publicity before. Man: Great! We’re very short of people who can do that, so that would be really good. There are a lot of people who like making scenery so we get plenty of help with that, but we haven’t got enough people to do the lights at the moment so if you think you can do that or you have any friends who would like to, do bring them along. We can show you what to do if you haven’t got any experience. Woman: Mm … I’ll have to think about it. So do you meet in the theatre? Man: We do our performances in The Manor Theatre but we only hire that for the nights of the actual performances. (5) We meet to rehearse every Tuesday evening in the community hall. We rent a room there. Woman: Oh, I’m not sure where that is. I’ll be coming by car because I don’t live in the town centre. Man: It’s in Ashburton Road. As you’re coming towards the centre down Regent Street, you need to turn left at the crossroads. Woman: Oh, I know, there’s a big car park down there, just before you get to a hotel. (6) It’s on the other side of the road from the sports centre. Man: That’s it. That’s the closest place to leave your car and you don’t have to pay in the evening to park there. We meet at 7.30 and we usually finish by 9.30 or 10. Woman: OK!

اگر برای بار اول است که متن را میشنوید، پاسخهای خود را در این فرم وارد کنید و ارسال کنید

برای مشاهده ی فرم باید:


Practice at home on these materials


Volume 10

  • Test 1 Listening section 1 
  • Test 2 Listening section 1 
  • Test 3 Listening section 1 
  • Test 4 Listening section 1 


Lesson above

  • Complete any unfinished tasks 
  • Listen again and read the text
  • Ask your questions 

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