Hybrid Language Course: Mr Alireza Kayyal

General English course To Boost Up Speaking & Listening

Session 01

Talking about yourself: Intro & Job

This sessions mainly covers: Stating your name and talking about your job, as well as your future plans

صحبت در باره خودتان و شغل تان، و همینطور برنامه های آینده کاری شما

ورود به درس

Session 02

Talking about yourself: Education & Hometown

This sessions mainly covers: Giving information about your studies also talking about your city of residence

صحبت در باره تحصیلات شما و همینطور در باره ی محل زندگی تان

Instructor: Behruz Ghaffarian

Your team of teachers

Main instructor: Behruz Ghaffarian

One session per week works on the main topic

Fluency Teacher: Miss Nikamehr

One or two sessions per week for your fluency  

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